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  • Terms
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This agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between the Seller_________________________(Name of Seller with Address), hereinafter referred to as “Seller”and BABAJI SHIVRAM 4PL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED., hereinafter reffered to as “MYPACCO”.You are advised to read this Agreement carefully. If you are not in agreement with any of the terms and conditions, you should not use this Service and should notify the same to BABAJI SHIVRAM 4PL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED.

This Agreement comes into effect when Seller register for use of Mypacco services or sign an application for utilizing services of Mypacco. By Registering or signing with Mypacco, Seller signifies his absolute and unconditional consent to all the provisions of this agreement in its entirety.


A. During the conduct of its business activities, the Seller is required to avail Courier/logistics services to fulfill its business from various concerns from time to time

B. For the purposes of managing and handling its Courier/Logistics requirements, the Seller is desirous of appointing specialized and suitable logistics solutions;

C. Mypacco has represented to the Customer that it has requisite suitable solutions to manage and handle entire Courier/logistics requirements of the Customer;

D. The Seller has agreed to avail services of Mypacco on the terms and conditions contained herein;


Mypacco shall manage and facilitate the Courier/logistics requirements of the Customer from time to time in accordance with the Scope of Assignment/work and on commercial terms as detailed in Exhibit A hereto.

The parties may, from time to time by mutual consent modify the terms of Exhibit A and the same shall always be read as part of this agreement.

    1) Definition :
    a) “ Buyer “ : Customer of Seller who is addressed and meant to receive the shipment booked by him on seller’s website (Market Place)
    b) “ LSP “ : Logistic Service Provider from whom MYPACCO will hire logistics service
    c) “ MYPACCO “ : Brand exclusively owned by BABAJI SHIVRAM 4PL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED
    d) “ Seller “ : shall mean any user of MYPACCO website who purchases/ hires any services of MYPACCO through its website.
    e) Services : Shall mean available services on website and shall include all kinds of logistics services related to shipping/ transportation/ distribution of products and collection of COD amount.
    f) Shipment : shall mean the movement of transportation of goods (Parcels/ Cargos) all documents in bulk or in one or more packages as desired by Seller.

    2) Seller shall book its s consignments/parcels from Couriers/Logistics partners as per the procedure described in Exhibit A;

    3) Seller agrees to pay to Mypacco such charges at such rate and on such terms as specified in the Exhibit A including any Service Tax payable by Mypacco in respect of services provided under this agreement. In the event of failure of the Seller to pay any charges/taxes/levies payable hereunder within agreed time, Mypacco shall be entitled to levy and obtain from the Seller interest on such unpaid amount @ 18% p.a.from due date till payment and shall also have the right to terminate the services prevailing to them.

    4) Seller shall be liable to pay Courier Chargesin respect of the consignment/parcel including the Octroi,Entry tax, Customs, Insurance, Sales Tax and all other taxes/charges which may be levied by the Courier/Logistics service provider or any government authority in respect of the consignment/parcel. Seller shall also be liable to pay Service Tax as may be applicable in accordance with the terms agreed.

    5) Any credits in Seller Account will be utilised against Service provided by MYPACCO and MYPACCO will not responsible to refund the same.

    6) If any customer, send their shipment on manual by using account Code of MYPACCO then amount of freight will be debited from their account and penalty of INR 1,000/- will be impose to them.

    7) Seller understands and acknowledges that Mypacco shall be providing its services of managing and handling courier requirements and only as a facilitator and Mypacco is liable to take responsibility to resolve all queries related to delivery,damage (only if the damage is mentioned on the POD), for loss (liability as per courier service provider), mis-delivery, delayed pick-up or delayed delivery of the consignments/parcels. Seller understands that the booking of the consignment shall be subject to booking terms and conditions of the individual Courier/Logistics service provider. The respective Courier shall be solely liable for any loss, damage (only if the damage is mentioned on the POD), mis-delivery or delayed delivery in respect of the consignment in accordance with its terms of carriage.

    8) Seller shall be responsible for proper; tamper proof and damage proof packing of the products. Seller shall be ready with the packed order when the courier person comes to receive the shipment, all pick-ups should be logged before the cut off time as directed by the Seller support team of Mypacco, and no pick up beyond the cutoff time of the logistics partner shall be possible.

    9) This service is only for single pick up location i.e. the orders will be picked by the courier companies from provided location which has been registered by the Seller.

    10) At the time of booking, the Seller shall provide complete address and Telephone No. of Consignee along with correct PIN CODE.

    11) Mypacco and Mypacco’s logistics partners shall not be responsible for verifying the contents of the products handed over by the Seller to it delivery Personnel. The Packaging of such products shall also be the sole responsibility of the Seller. The Packaging should be good enough to ensure no damage in transit. The sole responsibility of the contents of the packed consignment shall lie with the end Seller. Mypacco and Mypacco’s logistics partners shall be, in no way, responsible for any shortage or damage of such consignments unless the same is caused solely due to the gross negligence of the Service Provider.

    12) Seller shall ensure that the consignment/parcel does not contain any item which is a prohibited, restricted or hazardous item as per the regulations of the DGCA, ICAO and IATA or by any law applicable. Please refer the list mentioned in Exhibit C.
    13) The Seller shall be responsible to ensure that the consignment/parcel does not contain narcotic drugs, firearms, explosives, hazardous chemicals, liquids, gold, currency, gems, jewellery, share certificates, pornographic material, human remains and any other contraband material banned or prohibited by any law. The list of prohibited items has been described in Exhibit C. Seller shall be solely responsible if any such item is booked.

    14) For the purpose of booking parcels/Non-Document consignments, the Seller shall be required to provide all necessary documents like Invoice, Delivery Challan, Order Statement, Manifest as may be sought by Mypacco or by Courier/Logistics Service provider.

    15) For non-documents and parcels, the Seller shall submit a written declaration and invoice regarding the value and description and shall also provide all necessary documents required by concerned authorities for octroi clearances and Mypacco or the service provider shall not be liable if false, incorrect or inadequate details/documents are provided by Seller.

    16) Return to origin (RTO) charges will be applicable if the delivery of the consignment/parcel is returned.

    17) Products which are not accepted by the Customer for any reason whatsoever will be returned to the Seller at the location(s) as specified by the Seller.

    18) Notwithstanding anything contained hereinabove, in the event of loss of or complete damage to the consignment, Mypacco shall be liable to the Seller to pay an amount of as per logistics liability clause of per consignment or the amount of invoice raised by him, whichever is lower.

    RTO (return to origin) charges would be same as the agreed shipping rates. Returns will be initiated by the logistics partners for all products which are not accepted by the Seller for any reason whatsoever.

    20) In case of non-acceptance of the RTO shipment by the Seller, BABAJI SHIVRAM 4PL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED reserves the right to levy suitable demurrage charges for extended storage of such products for any period exceeding 7 (seven) days from initiation of the Returns and up to 45 (Forty Five) days from such date. In case of non-acceptance of the Products beyond 45 (forty five) days, BFRS has the right to dispose such products and the Seller will forfeit all claims in this regard towards Mypacco. Please refer to list mentioned in Exhibit B in cases where RTO will be applicable.

    21) Chargeable Weight shall be either Actual or volumetric weight whichever is higher: Chargeable Weight is basically the weight on which your courier Companies charges freight rates on your shipment. It can be equivalent to the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher. To calculate the volumetric weight of Shipment, simply multiply the Length (cm) X height (cm) X width (cm) and divide the result by 5000 or Air and 2700 for Surface.

    22) Volumetric weight will be charged on L X B X H/5000 in cms. Freight is calculated on the basis of volumetric weight or actual weight whichever is higher. Dead/Dry weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher should be taken while calculating the rates. Further details have been mentioned in Exhibit B.

    23) For any claims by the merchant like wrong freight being applied, Cash on Delivery which is missing, pilferage, in transit damage- the signed copy of the manifest sheet of the pick up against which the courier company has received the shipment has to be submitted along with the claim request. Without the signed manifest the request shall not be considered valid.

    24) Mypacco shall not be responsible if there is any non-pick-up, delayed pick-up, delivery, loss or damage due to any Act of God or force majeure conditions like, strike, natural calamities or any other cause whatsoever beyond the control of Mypacco or the Courier/Logistics Service Provider.

However, in the event of failure of Courier/Logistics Service Provider to pick-up the consignment/parcel, Mypacco shall assist to assign another logistics partner for pick-up and delivery through any other Courier/Logistics partner
    25) This agreement may be terminated by either Party by giving 30 days written notice to the other.

    26) Mypacco can discontinue the service after giving30 days notice to Seller in writing. However, in case of failure by Merchant (“CLIENT”) to pay outstanding dues of Mypacco at its discretion, may discontinue the services with immediate effect.

    27) If any customer do not use their account for 3 months then it will consider dormant and amount will be waived off.

    28) In the event of any termination of this Agreement, Seller shall promptly and forthwith make payments after full and final settlement of pending delivery and documentation of all the Fees accrued or due to the Service Provider.



    31) In the event either party (the Prevented Party) is prevented from performing its obligations under this Agreement by force majeure, such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, public commotion, torrential rains, heavy winds, storms or other acts of nature, fire, terrorist acts, threatened terrorists acts, explosion, acts of civil or military authority including the inability to obtain any required approvals or permits, strikes, riots, war, plagues, other epidemics, or other unforeseen events beyond the Prevented Party’s reasonable control (an Event of Force Majeure), the Prevented Party shall notify the other party without delay and within fifteen (15) days thereafter shall provide detailed information concerning such event and documents evidencing such event, explaining the reasons for its inability to execute, or for its delay in the execution of, all or part of its obligations under this Agreement.

    32) If an Event of Force Majeure occurs, neither party shall be responsible for any damage, increased costs or loss which the other party may sustain by reason of such a failure or delay of performance, and such failure or delay shall not be deemed a breach of this Agreement. The Prevented Party shall take reasonable means to minimize or remove the effects of an Event of Force Majeure and, within the shortest reasonable time, attempt to resume performance of the obligations delayed or prevented by the Event of Force Majeure.

    33) Any dispute or difference arising between Mypacco and the Seller as to the meaning or interpretation of a term of this agreement or as to any claim by one party against the other arising from any transaction under this agreement shall be referred for arbitration of two arbitrators with both parties appointing one arbitrator each and the arbitrators appointing a third arbitrator as Umpire. The Arbitration proceedings shall be governed by the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted at Mumbai. The language of Arbitration shall be English. The venue of the Arbitration will be Mumbai.

    34) This Agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of Republic of India.
Scope of assignment/ work

    1. Mypacco’s logistics partner shall pick up shipments from its Customers locations after communicated by Mypacco.

    2. The tracking number and logistics partner would be assigned by an automated process based on the pickup and delivery pin code and type of shipment.

    3. Customers shall provide/display prominently on package the shipping label having full details of the Order Number, consignee details, product details, return address i.e. the shipping address and the Gross Value and Collectable Value (Net value) to be collected in case of COD (Cash on Delivery) shipments. Mypacco backend panel platform that shall enable the Customer take a print of the shipping label with all the details and the same shall be pasted on the package before the handover to the Logistics partner happens.

    4. The shipment will be handed over to the Logistic partner by the Customer in a tamper proof packing of their brand along with the COD Order Form pasted on the shipment.

    5. In case of shipments booked under COD (Cash on Delivery), logistics partner shall collect Cash, as per the instructions of the Customer from the Consignee as per the details mentioned on the COD Order and remit/reimburse the amount to Mypacco within a maximum period of 30 days which then forth would be reimbursed to the customer. Please refer to Exhibit B for Rates charged for COD.

    6. Once COD paid to customer as per decided cycle, customers has to reconcile with their record and if found any discrepancies like - Less Paid – customers has to inform via email to : info@mypacco.com within 7 days of payment received. Over Paid – Customer has to return the extra amount to MYPACCO within 7 days and interest shall be charge @ 18% p.a. for any delay beyond the said period of 7 days.

    7. All claims must be notified to Mypacco in writing within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the shipment, failing which forfeits and waives its right for/to such claim.

    8. Any charges payable due to WRONG LABELLING by seller the same shall be payable by Seller to MYPACCO.

    9. The Customer on its behalf shall keep Mypacco indemnified against all duties, taxes, Octroi, cess, clearance charges and any other charge/levy by whatsoever name called, levied on shipments In event of such charges being levied by any government authority, the same can be claimed from the customer against the Challan /respite of the same. Customer shall keep mypacco indemnified against any loss, damage, costs, expenses arising out of any action or proceedings initiated by any authority (judicial or regulatory of the like) on account of any act/omissions on its part.

    10. The Customer will be solely responsible to comply with all statutory requirements assisted by Mypacco (State and Central Laws/Statutes) as applicable in relation to booking, sale and transportation of the shipments carried and delivered by the logistics partners of Mypacco in pursuance of this agreement.

    11. It is expressly understood by the parties to the agreement that Mypacco is a logistics service platform to the customer and not in any other capacity whatsoever it may be called. It is further agreed to by the parties to the agreement that Mypacco is not performing any activity or job or providing service on behalf of the customer which is tantamount to Seller or Retailer and or Stockiest/Distributor. The complete activity performed by Mypacco under this agreement is based on specific instructions given by the customer as part of the scope defined and from time to time.

    12. Mypacco’s logistics partners shall provide web based (online) tracking solutions for all shipment and at the time of receiving the shipments from Customer, they will use Air Waybill provided to them by Mypacco through its logistics management software.

    13. Exhibit B, C will be updated as per time period on regularly basis. Customers are required to check the rates, charges, prohibited items before sending the parcels/ consignments.

A. Prices on Postpaid Basis (For Domestic Shipments)

(Includes Base Price + FSC + CAF)

Zones Weight Price in Rs.
Intracity PP Per 500 gms 55
Addl. 500 gms 55
Intra Region / Metros Per 500 gms 60
Addl. 500 gms 60
Rest of India Per 500 gms 70
Addl. 500 gms 70
North East Per 500 gms 80
Addl. 500 gms 80
  • Mode : By Air
  • Prices include Base Price + Fuel Surcharge + CAF
  • Return to Origin (RTO) Charges 100%
  • Weight Actual or Volumetric, whichever is higher
    • Volumetric Calculation:
    • {Length(cm) x Breadth(cm) x Height(cm) } / 5000
  • GST Extra as Applicable

  • B. Prices on Postpaid Basis for Bluedart Courier (Domestic Shipments)

    (Includes Base Price)

    Zones Weight Price in Rs.
    ZONE A Per 500 gms 116
    Addl. 500 gms 116
    ZONE B Per 500 gms 127
    Addl. 500 gms 127
    ZONE C Per 500 gms 136
    Addl. 500 gms 136
  • Mode : By Air
  • Prices include Base Price + Fuel Surcharge
  • Return to Origin (RTO) Charges 100%
  • Weight Actual or Volumetric, whichever is higher
    • Volumetric Calculation:
    • {Length(cm) x Breadth(cm) x Height(cm) } / 5000
  • GST Extra as Applicable

  • C. Prices on Cash on Delivery Basis (COD)

    Zones Weight Price in Rs.
    Intracity PP Per 500 gms 55
    Addl. 500 gms 55
    Intra Region / Metros Per 500 gms 60
    Addl. 500 gms 60
    ROI Per 500 gms 70
    Addl. 500 gms 70
    North East Per 500 gms 80
    Addl. 500 gms 80
  • Mode : By Air
  • COD Charges: 2% or Rs.75, whichever is higher
  • Prices include Base Price + Fuel Surcharge + CAF
  • Return to Origin (RTO) Charges 100%
  • Weight Actual or Volumetric, whichever is higher
    • Volumetric Calculation:
    • {Length(cm) x Breadth(cm) x Height(cm) } / 5000
  • GST Extra as Applicable

  • D. Pricing Structure for Surface Shipments

    (Includes Base Price + FSC + CAF)

    West Central South North East Special
    West 27 36 37 39 39 50
    Central 36 27 36 39 42 50
    South 36 36 27 36 40 50
    North 40 38 38 27 42 50
    East 40 42 40 42 27 50
    Special 50 50 50 50 50 50

  • Mode : By Surface
  • Prices are based on Per Kg Basis
  • Min Chargeable Weight is 10 kgs
  • Prices are based on Zone to Zone Basis
  • Prices include Base Price + Fuel Surcharge + CAF
  • RReturn to Origin (RTO) Charges 100%
  • Weight Actual or Volumetric, whichever is higher
    • Volumetric Calculation:
    • {Length(cm) x Breadth(cm) x Height(cm) } / 2700
  • All Surface shipments greater than 100Kgs ( Single piece / per pallet ) will be charged INR 2600 as additional handling charges.
  • GST Extra as Applicable

  • E. Pricing Structure for Surface Shipments for Bluedart courier

    (Includes Base Price)

    West Central South North East Special
    West 15 19 19 19 28 31
    Central 19 19 19 29 28 31
    South 19 19 19 29 28 31
    North 19 19 19 29 28 31
    East 28 28 28 28 28 31
    Special 31 31 31 31 31 31

  • Mode : By Surface
  • Prices are based on Per Kg Basis
  • Min Chargeable Weight is 10 kgs
  • Prices are based on Zone to Zone Basis
  • Prices include Base Price
  • RReturn to Origin (RTO) Charges 100%
  • Weight Actual or Volumetric, whichever is higher
    • Volumetric Calculation:
    • {Length(cm) x Breadth(cm) x Height(cm) } / 2700
  • All Surface shipments greater than 100Kgs ( Single piece / per pallet ) will be charged INR 2600 as additional handling charges.
  • GST Extra as Applicable

  • Notes:
  • Rates are subject to change and advance notice for the same will be advised.
  • Rate Structure is confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed.

  • Actual weight and volumetric weight

    Applied Weight is basically the weight on which your courier companies’ charges freight rates on your shipment. It can be equivalent to the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher. To calculate the volumetric weight of Shipment, simply multiply the length (cm) X height (cm) X width (cm) and divide the result by 5000 or Air and 2700 for Surface.

    Reason where RTO (Return to Origin) will be applicable and they are as mentioned below:

      1. Wrong / Incorrect Address
      2. Incomplete Address
      3. Incomplete/Wrong declaration
      4. Consignee/ Buyer Shifted
      5. Refusal to Accept
      6. Unavailable despite several attempts
      7. Fail to contact courier co. office
      8. Office/ Residence Closed
      9. Fail to Collect from courier co. office
      10. Prohibited Item
      11. Wrong Documentation
      12. Booking of Non-Serviceable Area
      13. Force Majeure,
      14. Natural calamities
      15. Strike/Bandh.
      16. Theft/Pilferage
      17. Accident
      18. Or In case of any other reasons which are not mentioned above.

    How would the charges / freight would be deducted from the seller’s panel.

    The freight charges would be totally dependent on the final weight captured by the LSP. The freight will be deducted from the account once the shipment is scanned by the LSP post pickup.

    While marking the transaction as RTS the freight that the system will show would be approximate as per the calculation submitted by the seller at the time of updating the order. The actual deduction of freight would differ as the weight captured by the LSP might be different basis actual and volumetric weight whichever is higher.

    Banned Commodities/ Prohibited Items:
    1 Explosives 1 Acetal
    2 Dangerous Liquids/Semi Liquids 2 Acetone
    3 Radioactive Material 3 Ammonium Flouride
    4 Gases 4 Argon
    5 Magnetized Material 5 Gaseous Material
    6 Poisonous/Corrosive Material 6 Formic Acid Fule or aviation turbine engine
    7 Stuffed Toys 7 Barium Chlorate benzene
    8 Flammables 8 Burneol
    9 Acatyle benzoyl peroxide solid or solutions 9 Calcium Chlorate
    10 Aerolein un-inhibited aerosol products/ class of poison A.O.S. 10 Carbon Dioxide Gaseous or liquified
    11 Air liquid non-pressurised/aluminium dethyl monocholoride 11 Charcoal activated
    12 Alluminium Dross 12 Nitrogen Gaesous & Silver Nitrate
    13 Wet Arsine Black Powder Bombs 13 Copper Vyanide
    14 Explosive Caps Blasting 14 Crude Oil Petroleum
    15 Cholorphin and Methyl Bromide Mixtures 15 Discatyle Diethylamine
    16 Cholorphin and Methyl Chloride Mixtures 16 Ether
    17 Cigarattes self-lighter 17 Ferric Chloride
    18 Disoprophybenzene Hydroperoxide solution 18 Arsenic Acid Solid.
    19 Ethyl Acrylete Unhibited 19 Helium Gas
    20 Explosives or explosive devices 20 Hydrochloric and Mixtures
    21 Fire extinguisher charges 21 Lead Nitrate matches
    22 Fuses 22 Safety (Book card or strike box) Malaththion perfumes
    23 Detonating Grenade 23 Methanol
    24 Bursting Charge Grenades 24 Chloroform
    25 Tear Gas 25 Indian Postal Articles
    26 Hydrogen Liquid 26 Currency
    27 Hydrogen Sulfide 27 Philately
    28 Isopropyl Percarbonate stabilised 28 Pornography
    29 Isopropyl Percarbonate unstabilised 29 Bullion
    30 Low Explosives 30 Drugs and Narcotics (Illegal)
    31 Mines Explosives 31 Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
    32 Nickel Carbonyl 32 Precious & Semi-Precious Items
    33 Nitric Oxide 33 Commodities banned by Law at any given time without prior notice
    34 Oxide Spent 34 All IATA Restricted Items and Dangerous goods
    Billing and Reconciliation :

  • Payment from the seller will only be accepted in prepaid basis via payment gateway. MYPACCO will add the amount to the seller’s panel only if there is an error while processing the payment online. The payment will be added post confirmation of NEFT from the seller.

  • MYPACCO will not be providing any billing invoice, the seller will have to login to the account and generate the PDF which will be in download excel format.

  • As per the new process the seller will not be able to view the freight in the before marking the transaction as “Ready to Ship”, the actual freight will be deducted once the shipment is scanned by the LSP which will be totally dependent on the actual and the volumetric weight whichever is higher.

  • If there are any changes in address at the time of delivery the seller will have to bear the charges. These charges would be deducted directly from the seller’s wallet with prior intimation.

  • The consignee will have to bear the octroi charges, if in case the Seller refuses to pay the charges the same will be paid by MYPACCO on behalf of the Seller and the charges would be then adjusted in the seller’s wallet with prior intimation.

  • COD remittance cycle would once in a month for all delivered shipments.

  • If the seller mistakenly updated any COD order as prepaid, MYPACCO will not be responsible for any change or COD collection.

  • For any shipment that is declared lost by the LSP, MYPACCO will reimburse the product value as per the liability cause we have with the LSP.

  • For Damaged shipments MYPACCO will not be responsible, cases will be handled only if the POD is signed with the remarks of damage / tamper. Post approval on damage in-transit the amount of the shipment will be remitted as per liability.

  • For COD products snatched by the Seller, MYPACCO will co-ordinate with the seller and if there is no response in 48 hours then the COD amount will be waived off. No remittance for the same.

  • Shipments once picked up can’t be cancelled

  • In case of offline pilot, the seller accounts shall be prepaid

  • Operations and Shipping:

  • The seller will have to mark the transaction as “Ready to Ship” within 3 days of updating the order on MYPACCO portal, post 3 days if there is no RTS action the transaction would be deemed as cancelled and removed from the system by MYPACCO and MYPACCO shall not be responsible for such shipment in any manner whatsoever.

  • MYPACCO will attempt pickup twice; if the shipments are not handed over the same day the transaction will be deemed as cancelled.

  • While shipping the seller has to ensure all the regulatory FORMs are submitted/ handed over with the shipment, MYPACCO will not be liable for any seizure or penalty. The seller has to inform if they cannot provide form for any state, the same will be blocked for those sellers respectively.

  • The shipments have to be handed to the LSP only on the assigned AWB # and not on any manual AWB #. MYPACCO will not be responsible if the shipment is missing which is handed on manual AWB #.

  • The cut off time for marking the transaction “Ready to Ship” would be 1pm daily post 1pm the pickups would be done the next working day.

  • If the pickup location is ODA (out of delivery area) for any of the LSP, the same will be picked up by default the next day.

  • Seller has to make sure that the manifest is duly signed off by the LSP person at the time of pickup. If product is lost / misplaced and there is no sign on the manifest MYPACCO will not be responsible for the loss.

  • Seller has to check the panel for undelivered shipments, MYPACCO will send alerts only for urgent shipments stuck for clearance and pending for alternates.

  • RTO [Return to origin] intimation will not be sent manually on email, seller has to check the reason in the panel or on the LSP website. Mypacco will provide reasons if the same is not mentioned.

  • Delivery timeline would be 8-12 Days from pickup from buyer to door delivery in US and for other countries as the MYPACCO may deemed fit.

  • any delay on the part of Seller in respect of documentations/ customs procedures, MYPACCO shall not be responsible for the same and such delay shall not be considered for timelines provided hereunder for the MYPACCO.

  • It has been agreed between the parties hereto that if the Shipment is not delivered within the time prescribed in the first attempt, the further date which is marked out by Seller for delivery shall be considered as the delivery date for KPI purposes.

  • Tracking on BoxC Logistics INC may have a certain shipments not marked delivered (not more than 5% of total shipments) in lieu of BoxC Logistics Inc terms, however tracking on Mypacco.Com shall provide actual delivery status.

  • In case of any conflict or dispute in respect of any shipment, a status validated from Logistic Service Providers(LSP) should be deemed to be final status of such shipment.

  • In case of return, seller should bear a warehousing cost or the cost of return of the shipment to the origin Payments & Cancellation and/or any other charges, if any, as and when demanded by the Company.

  • Shipments once picked up can’t be cancelled by the Seller and in case of such cancelation the Seller shall be responsible and liable to pay all the expenses in respect thereof.

  • Such dues shall be paid by sellers of MYPACCO in advance and adjusted against services provided by MYPACCO.

  • DHL ecommerce Terms and Conditions

    Aramex ecommerce Terms and Conditions

    Reverse Pick up – SOP / Rates.

    A. Reverse pickup label gets generated directly by the Customer or CS team (DW)

    B. Reverse order gets assigned to courier partner.

    C. Pickup is done.

    D. Pick up Attempts.

      • 1st Attempt- Blind attempt
      • 2nd & 3rd Attempt- Call / message to the customer within 24- 48 hrs to make these attempts.
      • Post 3rd Attempt- the case is close from LSP (we have to generate the new AWB).

    E. Item gets delivered at DW Warehouse.

    Pickup Instructions (Pickup staff should NOT collect the shipment in below scenarios)

    A. If packaging is not proper.

    B. If package is damaged.

    C. If return label is not pasted.

    D. Reverse Pick up will be done by checking actual content Inside the Box as mentioned in Order. If there is any Mismatch the Pick-up will be denied

    E. Pickup staff should provide either of the below acknowledgement to the customer: signature on manifest or acknowledgement slip / pick up receipt.

    Pick up / Delivery SLA

    A. SLA for getting pickup done: 1-5 business days (Return label generated till pick up actually done)

    B. SLA for getting delivered: 7-12 business days (Pick up till Delivery. May vary a bit based on customer pickup locations)

    C. If there is a case of Empty box / Missing product / Partial delivery, after receiving the concern from the customer, Daniel Wellington should get back to Mypacco within 1-3 business days with the Insights to further initiate the Investigation with respective LSP

    D. This will be taken for investigation from courier partner. It can take 10 to 15 working days to investigate this type of cases. But this is not the exact TAT given by courier companies.

    E. If proven that any tampering done from courier partner the liability amount will be paid according to LSP norms